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Whether you’re an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or a hospital representative, this comprehensive collection of resources is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed for a successful and seamless experience.

Funding and Contract information

Understand the step-by-step journey for International Medical Graduates. From exam preparation to residency training and beyond, access detailed guides and insights.

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Visa guidance for IMG’s

Navigate the complexities of the visa process with our informative guides. Whether you’re an IMG or a hospital representative, find valuable insights to streamline the visa application process.

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USMLE video series

Access a series of informative videos explaining the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) process. Gain valuable insights and tips to excel in your exams.

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NRMP The Match Guide

The Match, administered by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), is your way to securing a residency program (Graduate Medical Education) This exclusive system is utilized by hospitals to accept residents-in-training.

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Educational Council for IMG’s

ECFMG is the controlling body that “Sponsors” international medical schools for revalidation of their medical degrees assuring these programs adhere to U.S. medical education standards and guidelines.

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For qualified IMG candidates that are granted a contract with Valedictorian, we offer free US Clinical Experience (USCE) with two personalized letters of recommendation...

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Frequently ask questions

At Valedictorian MD, we understand that navigating the medical career landscape, whether you’re an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or a seasoned physician completing residency or fellowship, comes with its unique set of questions. To provide clarity and support, we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section addressing the queries frequently raised by our community.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Feel free to contact us directly, and our team will be happy to assist you.

What is the cost of becoming a US physician?

Our only charge to you for our services is a $1,500 institutional fee if you qualify for financial support and a contract is granted (the fee is applied only if you match in Residency)

Will my salary be on par with American doctors?

Yes, your salary will be competitive with American born doctors.

How do I qualify for funding from Valedictorian MD to become physician in the US?

Participants who complete the following will be offered a contract for funding and post-residency employment:

  1. Apply to Valedictorian MD
  2. Register with ECFMG and provide proof of notarized (via notarycam) Form 186 Certification of Identification.
  3. Score high on the USMLE
  4. Sign a contract with Valedictorian MD
Does Valedictorian MD charge its participants for products and services?

Our only charge to you for our services is a USD$1,500 institutional fee if you qualify for financial support and a contract is granted (the fee is applied only if you match in Residency).

What will it cost me to qualify for Valedictorian MD services?

To qualify for Valedictorian MD free services, you will be responsible for the cost of obtaining your NOTARIZED ECFMG 186 FORM CERTIFICATION OF IDENTIFICATION ($160 2023)

Can I do a fellowship after residency training if I sign with Valedictorian MD?

YES. You may complete a fellowship after residency training while under contract with Valedictorian MD.

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