International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

We help you match, you only pay when you get a job in the US

The Valedictorian MD’s Process for IMGs

Valedictorian MD is committed to supporting International Medical Graduates (IMGs) on their journey to becoming licensed U.S. Physicians. Our program is designed to invest in promising U.S.-based Residency candidates, providing FREE RESOURCES and FUNDING to obtain your U.S. Medical License.

What is included

  • Interest free loan
  • Free USCE 
  • 2 personalized LOR
  • Personal statement preparation
  • ERAS application editing
  • Residency interview preparation 
  • Residency application strategy
  • Match Application counseling
  • Residency Interview coaching


Investment in Your Success

We believe in your potential and invest in your success. Valedictorian MD provides FREE RESOURCES and FUNDING to eligible IMGs, alleviating the financial burden associated with obtaining a U.S. Medical License.

Cost-Free Participation

ALL Valedictorian MD services are FREE-OF-COST to participants. Your journey toward becoming a U.S. Doctor should not come with a financial barrier, and we are dedicated to ensuring your success without any financial burden.


The total cost of becoming a licensed U.S. Doctor

The total cost of becoming a licensed doctor in the U.S. can exceed $10,000 USD. However, recognizing the shortage of doctors in the U.S., we offer this unique opportunity to deserving IMGs.

ALL Services Are Offered Free-of-Charge To Qualified Participants

Qualifications for Success

 Meeting the Criteria for Valedictorian MD’s Program

To qualify for Valedictorian MD’s program, IMGs from qualifying institutions should meet the following criteria:

Notarized ECFMG
Form 186

Submit a notarized ECFMG Form 186 as part of your application


CK 235 or above for Spanish speaking IMGs and CK 255 or above for non-Spanish speaking IMGs

Hear from Our


“My journey started in 2020. VLD helped us economically and academically in many ways. I will absolutely recommend VLD to anyone pursuing this dream.

- Lizda Anaya - OBGYN

“The team has undoubtedly played a key role in my getting into US residency & I think anyone looking to get into the US residency should be a part of this family!”

- Mazpa Ejikem - Anesthesiology
University of Calabar

“The Valedictorian team is great! Tim and Dr. Kotov truly put their best effort forward on our behalf. Besides the FREE hands-on Externship and personalized LOR from Dr. Kotov, Tim was a BIG help with editing my Personal Statement!. Valedictorian MD is your ticket!”

- Ekrem - Dokuz Eylul School of Medicine, Turkey

“Valedictorian MD not only supported my journey into the U.S. but also opened doors to incredible opportunities.”

- Dr. Patel, Cardiologist

How to start your VALEDICTORIAN journey

Sign a Contract with Valedictorian MD: Enter into a contract with Valedictorian MD to initiate your journey.

Unlock Funding for Certification Costs: Gain access to funding for various medical certification costs.

Visa Counseling for Non-U.S. IMGs: Benefit from visa counseling services tailored for non-U.S. IMGs.

Externships at U.S. Hospitals: Participate in externships at select U.S. hospitals, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Fellowship Training Guidance and Assessment: Receive guidance and assessments for fellowship training opportunities.

Employment as a Licensed Medical Doctor: Unlock the door to employment opportunities as a licensed medical doctor at select U.S. hospitals.

Valedictorians’ Progression

Growing Together

Witness the success of our community

Valedictorians have achieved their dream. Non-US IMG’s match applicants since 2021.